Building of crotch houses, cottages
Chernovetsky Kyiv will force residents to take shelter more

Apartments in elite buildings will now be put up for auction. At the Kyiv City Council is going to gain 800 million USD. During the final session of the Kyiv City Council majority that supports Leonid Chernovetsky, voted to change the current order. As stated by the Secretary of the City Council Oles Dovgy, apartments in luxury buildings, builders who pass the city (5-10% of the total area of new buildings), will now be put up for auction. Thus, the authorities will be able to take three times as much money for the purchase of social housing. Just to finish the year, according to preliminary estimates of the city fathers, auctions should bring at least 800 million hryvnia. Another innovation will be the purchase of the proceeds of the auction money is waiting for real estate in the secondary market, which will accelerate the promotion of rent queue, saving beneficiaries of anxious waiting the erection of new buildings. Now square meters, loaned developers Kiev sold “Zhitloinvestom” market value, after which the money came to the Trust Fund Housing budget special fund of the city. Then from the sale of apartments means invested in building houses for the beneficiaries. According to the order of the head KCSA will soon set up a commission that will conduct and preparation for auction. Most likely, according to informed sources, the head of her first mate of the municipal head Denis Bass, who oversees the investment and economic direction. To him, accordingly, move and control over cash flow. Until now, all of these management to control the head of the Main Directorate of Housing KSCA Michael Golitsa that at one point manages the communal monetary investment company “Zhitloinvest”, serving clients in the construction of most of the Kiev-income housing. Despite the fact that proceeds from auction money will go into a trust fund housing development special fund budget of the city manager who is profiled Glaucus City Hall, to send the money to contractors for the erection of new buildings, Mr. Golitsa can no longer, because now begin to acquire an apartment on the secondary. What happened next redistribution of spheres of influence between the assistants Leonid Mikhailovich. Changing the passage of the financial schemes of mass can result in inflation of prices in the secondary housing market. “Coming to him such a powerful player as KSCA, with more resources, which constitute about 20% of annual turnover of the secondary, will lead to increase in the price of apartments by about 25-30%”, – chairman of the board evaluates the Academy of Sciences’ Alliance Brok “Andrei Sokurov. Rising costs in the secondary market will spur is another factor. “In the first half of customers were slow to invest in real estate, waiting for price drops. Now they have started in droves to buy housing, and until January of this year, demand again will outpace supply. In these events, I think that 30% is not limited to, “- Andrew Sokur concerned.